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About Dr. Gatto

My Story


Hello Everyone!


I am Dr. Rob Gatto...And I love being a Chiropractor!  I grew up around Chiropractic in rural Chautauqua County, NY.  My great grandfather, John J. Gatto practiced natural healing and the manipulative arts there for decades. My great Uncle, Dr. Frank Gatto, practiced chiropractic in Jamestown, NY for nearly a half century.  As a child, the opinion of my Great Uncle was always taken into consideration for family healthcare decisions.  As I grew up, I realized that the chiropractic philosophy was the right way to achieve optimal health.

I have practiced chiropractic in Jamestown, NY for almost 17 years and in Warren, PA for 5 years. I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of people to help them with their problems. One thing is for sure, if a doctor and patient can develop a mutual understanding of one another, they can do the job together to cure that patients' woes. That is why I take a special interest in learning what a patient does for a living, how they enjoy their free time, how their family spends their time and how their lifestyle affects their well being.  The goal of treatment is always to get that patient back to what they want to do.  It is never, if at all possible, to remove them permanently from anything that brings them fulfillment.

At my office you can expect to be examined thoroughly.  You can expect that my staff and I will be concerned to give you the most professional, best quality, and best valued care around.  We always welcome new patients.  We value the patients who have called my practice home for years.  We hope to gain your confidence so you will recommend our office first for your chiropractic needs.

I proudly make Warren, PA my home. My wife Alicia was born and raised in Warren.  It is in Warren, PA and the Chautauqua, NY area that we are raising our four children Gracie, Laney, Jude, and Seth. Providing successful care in rural and industrial areas, such as Jamestown and Warren, means building relationships with the community. Through family activities, Church and charity, we try to maintain a helpful presence in the area in which we live!

Dr. Gatto has received favorite chiropractor awards for multiple years running in both offices.   Patient satisfaction has never been an issue, but he will never stop striving to help you in every way he possibly can.

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