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Message from Dr. Gatto

Hello patients,

These sure are trying times aren’t they? We have made a difficult business decision. We are going to stay closed a little while longer. You’ll be getting a call from Mary or Dorothy in the near future. Despite the financial ramifications to our business, we have decided to put off any regularly scheduled appointments until the week of April 27. 🚨Any of our patients who are experiencing acute back or neck related symptomatology should call the offices. This is not a vacation! We are still available to help. We are permitted to help those individuals who are experiencing active and acute symptoms. I will be making time for those individuals each week but you will have to pass some basic screening questions.

Please don’t be offended if our screening questions seem overly cautious. It is necessary at this time to be extra careful.

Our office has been voted the favorite chiropractic office in Chautauqua and Warren Counties for many years. We hope that our decisions are recognizably in your best interest and that we will continue to be your chiropractor of choice for years to come.

Yours in health,

Dr. Robert J. Gatto, Jr.

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