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Headaches No More!

Do you suffer from headaches? Have you tried everything? If you haven’t tried chiropractic, you haven’t tried everything. Many headache sufferers needlessly go through life in misery!

In the cervical spine (neck) there are many structures that can refer pain into the head. These structures include muscles and joint tissue. Nerves can become irritated and cause headache pain as well.

Breaking the headache cycle can be amazingly easy with chiropractic care. In my office we use a combination of muscle work and manipulation. For those who fear the manipulation component, don’t worry! Cervical spine manipulation should be safe, gentle and effective. We usually add home stretching and advice on ergonomics. That way the patient has some control over their problem as well.

Headaches can be severe and short lived or chronic and dull. Some are diagnosed as migraines, some as tension headaches. Some are a life long endeavor, some are only present after certain activities or positions. With the increased use of electronics in our society we see more and more neck strain causing headaches.

If you have headaches and have not yet found a solution I would be happy to help. Fixing the problem by restoring function is much safer and healthier for you than medicating for life.

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